Elsa Advanced Systems is proud to present our latest innovation in Early Warning Liquid Leak Locating System, comprising of a Control Panel, Sensing Cable and accessories (such as jumper wire, hold-down clips, hot shrink tube & hot melt glue).

These systems are suitable for buildings that houses Mission Critical Control Environment such as Datacenters. It has also been deployed in Telecommunication Switching Rooms, Clean Rooms for Wafer Fabrication /Semiconductor/LCD Plants & etc.

Pin-Point Leak Location Precisely, tolerance +/-1m. (indication by RED DOT)
History/Event Log : 5,000 events
“Freezing” of selected zone(s) during maintenance/repair and no fault message generated
Readily connect to GSM modem/dialer for SMS fault notification
Modbus/TCP option available
Ability to Zoom-In onto each floor plan
Varies sizes of LCD monitor available upon request