Elsa Advanced Systems is proud to present our latest innovation in Early Warning Liquid Leak Locating System, comprising of a Control Panel, Sensing Cable and accessories (such as jumper wire, hold-down clips, hot shrink tube & hot melt glue).


These systems are suitable for buildings that houses Mission Critical Control Environment such as Datacenters. It has also been deployed in Telecommunication Switching Rooms, Clean Rooms for Wafer Fabrication /Semiconductor/LCD Plants & etc.


Maximum number of 3L-AP/ 3L-DP/ 3L-NDP : 99 panels leak location panels added externally
Maximum accumulated length of sensing cable : 20,000m [200m (internal) + 99 x 200m (external) ]
Precision to locate leak location : +/-1m or 0.5%
Failsafe operation : Ability to operate in loop operation
Ability to detect liquid leakage during cable break
Display : Permanent backlight with LCD of 4 lines x 20 English characters
Sound Alarm : 90dB max. buzzer with silencing button
System Menu : Access to Event Log, System Reset, Configuration Mode
Time to display Leak/Trouble from supervised panel : 18 seconds typical
Liquid Leak detection data : Typically 20mm in length of liquid (e.g tap water) in full contact with sensing cable, leak sensitivity is adjustable
Supervised Panels Identification : By different panel number and name with up to 35 characters
Panel names setup : By PC-software
Event Log : 896 Time-stamped Events stored in non-volatile memory, First-In-First- Out in case of overflow
Mechanical dimensions : Rugged ABS UL-VO case of 222 x 146 x 55mm
Ingress Protection : Dust-and splash-proof IP 65