Elsa Advanced Systems is proud to present our latest innovation in Early Warning Liquid Leak Locating System, comprising of a Control Panel, Sensing Cable and accessories (such as jumper wire, hold-down clips, hot shrink tube & hot melt glue).


These systems are suitable for buildings that houses Mission Critical Control Environment such as Datacenters. It has also been deployed in Telecommunication Switching Rooms, Clean Rooms for Wafer Fabrication /Semiconductor/LCD Plants & etc.


Maximum accumulated length of sensing cable : 10m
Maximum accumulated length of jumper cable : 300m
Failsafe Operation : Ability to operate in loop installation Ability to detect/locate liquid leakage during cable break
Time to detect Leak/Cablebreak : 3 seconds typical
Liquid leak detection data : Typically 20mm in length of liquid (such as tap water) in full contact with sensing cable, leak sensitivity is adjustable
Multi-leak detection and location capability
Remote supervision by RS-485 Modbus
ASIC-based digital location principle (patent pending) with inherent temperature stability, zero-drift and very low power consumption